St. Louis’ night

The day started with a beautiful sunrise over the Cumberland River.

.Took Grant out for a nice walk and we watched a Blue Heron fishing. The light was gorgeous and was glad I brought my camera.

Drove off from the campground around 8am and the deer and this young nosy one were gathered at the exit.

Thought this was a funny sign at the gas station.

It was a 5 hour ride to the next campground and have figured out how to connect Spotify to the rv radio. So that put an end to Country songs with all their heartaches and lost lovers. 😇😎

The next campsite was again right next to the lake. Awesome view for sure. And after a walk with Grant i turned on the tv to watch the news. The weather changed and it got a lot cooler. And then I saw that regular programming was interrupted by the weather. Severe weather to the West of St.Louis. I was to the East of St. Louis so it seemed I was okay.

Yet they said the weather was predicted to be headed to the East not to the North.

Oopsiedaisy…..and realized the last place you want to be, is right next to a big open lake and all sorts of trees around you. So I decided to unhook and go to the Walmart that was a 1,5 away. There was not a lot else really around as we were in a big park. Before I left the campground I asked the camphost if they had any tips. But they really weren’t aware of the tornado watch going on and acted really casual and said “it normally stays on the other side of the Mississippi river and they obviously weren’t worried. If it was really bad you would hear the sirens in town and only then it’s time to find shelter. Hmmm very, very different reaction than mine 🙂 I just saw I had about 30 minutes to find a safer spot, how many “one Mississippi’s” would that be in seconds…. 😎

I rather be ready beforehand while parked in a shed on wheels right? Then to wait and see. It was obvious the difference of them being used to tornado’s in Missouri and me totally not. So I followed my gut feeling and headed to the Walmart and parked it there for a bit and kept watching on the radar on my phone. And not that I’m a tornado pro, but have learned over the years in NC that when there are dents in the clouds on your radar there’s rotation. And I saw a lot of dents. Not good. Ok what to do? What direction is the storm coming from? What’s North and what would be the best side to park it on. Questions kept racing through my head. And also is the Walmart even a safe spot? 😇

Compass on phone, radar on phone as well and even the map. Watching the st’Louis weather guys now from my phone. Very thankful for phones! As I was so unfamiliar with the area it was hard to figure these things out. Unfamiliar city names everywhere are so confusing.

Finally the American flag on top of the Walmart building made a lot of sense. And it helped looking at that and while on my phone compass. And my binoculars came in very handy for flag watching! Who knew they can be of very hand use for flag direction watching.

The wind was steadily blowing from the East and the storm was coming South West according to the weather guys. But what if there’s rotation where is it coming from then. Will the wind change? Or still be the same? All sorts of things went through my mind. And while searching a tornado warning message alert from the weather service popped up on my phone. With a loud buzzing sound! Shucks!!! Again thankful for my phone!

Oops this is getting real! I checked the flag again and all of a sudden during my binoculars round I saw that there was a sturdy building with a covered drive-thru across from the Walmart. It looked tall too. It was closed for the day and I decided to go and park underneath there.

And so when I was just under there the sirens went off! It almost sounded that there was a car driving through this tiny town playing the sirens. It was very loud but you could hear it fade away.

Dang it!!! No holding back from the Mississippi this time it was here!

The sky behind the rv had turned very dark and had lots of lightning going on. The sun in front of the rv was also setting at the same time. So it looked very awkward in my opinion. To the right of the drivethru was a field of grain and it was waving at first but it looked like it was more bend at this time. And then all of a sudden it got quiet. No more rain and the wind was gone.

To me that felt as such an even more eerie sight. Peaceful In a way, yet looking to the right sky it was anything but.

And then I checked the American flag with my binoculars. It changed direction! The wind was now totally coming from the opposite site….

It stayed quiet for a little bit longer and then it started raining. Big drops. No hail luckily but a strong down poor. Coming down at a big angle.

If you havent noticed I try to reason just about everything in life in general. But during this I got a bit lost. And now I had no clue what this meant. Or, I did, but didn’t want to admit it.

After that it got quiet again and shortly there after more rain. It seemed something passed by I thought. The warning was until 8:15, but the radar said it would just be pooring raining soon and a floodwatch was now showing in my screen. So it looked like we made it through…. Now I needed to head back to the campground before the floodwatch got worse. So I headed back to the campground. Safe and sound no tornado touch down tonight. Just really a lot of rain. Pfew did we dodge that one. So lucky! As others had not been the last few days. What a night. Pulled up on the campsite and just was exhausted. So much adrenaline! But thankful to be safe.

The next morning planning was to leave early and while walking Grant I bumped into camp host again. He said I did had it right. Sirens and all and it touched down in a town called Breese about 3 or 4 miles ahead. Go figure! In a town called Breese! Truly, no pun intended. But really?

So to make a long story short, i made it out but thought it surely doesn’t go in the books as the most fun night camping. 🤗

And today I got to Clinton state park near Kansas City. There was only a little traffic near the centre of St’Louis. Just enough to stand still and make a pic of the arch.

It was a 6 hour ride today but it went very well. Diesel prices still below $3 here.

Most campgrounds in the area were closed because of major flooding. Yet I was able to get a beautiful walk up site near the lake and all storms stayed to the East tonight…. what a relief! No repeat from yesterday. A beautiful peaceful sunset tonight! Needed that!

Grant enjoyed it just as much as I did. We’re in the land of Oz, Kansas State.

Campground Campground DamWest: Site 55

Campground Cages Bend, site 9

Campground Clinton State Park site 2a


  1. Oh Petra! What a frightening situation. I’m so happy for your good instincts… woman’s intuition? Am thinking of you and Grant as you travel and look forward to reading about your adventures each day! Be safe!


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