The Villes

Drove through Asheville, Hartsville, Knoxville, Gordonville, Hendersonville en Nashville today. All radio stations have Country music on. That must be the deal if you live in a “Ville”. By the time I get home I’m probably converted to a fan.

Left Asheville at 8:00am and then stopped again at Lake Junaluska to walk Grant again. The water of the lake had a great reflection this early. And it was a very peaceful walk.

From there highway 40 goes through the Smokey mountains. And I had been a bit worried driving through there. The steep mountains and deep valley. But it was easy peasy. Gorgeous vistas the whole route. I was actually enjoying it. Who knew?

Once in Tennessee the billboards along the roads were changing too. Moonshine seems to be a popular drink around here and boxed wine. Ginormous signs of them along the highway. They had put a smile on my face. As these two combined might not work all that great.

Got to the Cages Bend COE campground along the Cumberland river around 2:30. Totally different timezone according to my gps. She announced it when crossed. Smart lady my gps.

The campground is very well maintained. And I totally hit the camping lottery jackpot. As I got a beautiful site on the river. What a view. Pulled out the chairs and just soaked it all in. A Blue Heron landed right in front of the site. A Red Robin was teaching a baby Robin to fly, by luring him with food. And three squirrels ran up and down trees. Maybe just to tease Grant as he was so busy tracking all their moves.

So a lovely day driving and just to answer your burning question, no didn’t stop for Moonshine or Boxed wine. I did wonder how many people would stop for both. 🤗 And what results it would bring them. 😎

Campground Cages Bend in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Site: 9


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