On the road

Today was the first day driving out West. Am trying to be driving 5 to 6 hours a day and get some fun time in to get to the destination. So to get to the first stop Colorado Springs that would take me 6 days. After that it will be Rocky Mountain NP, Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP.

First stop was just passed Asheville. Near beautiful lake Junaluska. Checked into the campground around 1pm already. The campground has all a campground needs but it was just that to be honest. So headed out quickly after that and headed to Lake Junaluska. And did the planned walk around it. The flowers that have planted there are so pretty and it is makes for a lovely walk.

On one side of the lake there are a ton of roses. So pretty and so many different colors. There were baby geese and Grant found a spot where he could walk in. And wade for a little to cool some. As there was a nice breeze starting out. But once at the other site of the lake not so much.

After the walk I enjoyed the view a bit more and had “dinner” right there. Many restaurants can’t top this view. After I washed up again I headed back to the campground.

So…. Day 1 driving out West ✔️

Campground: KOA Asheville West, site number 21


  1. Dat gaat een super trip worden. Marieke en Gaby waren er tijdens 9/11 en hebben enorm genoten van de vakantie langs diverse National Parks in het westen van de VS. Geniet er dus maar goed van!


  2. Het begint in ieder geval al mooi. Doe rustig aan en vooral ook voorzichtig. Je hebt prima gezelschap tot je Ron ophaalt dus dat wordt genieten onderweg.


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