Vineyards & Mountains

Two weeks ago we had our first stay at a vineyard through Harvest Host. And I loved it. It was such a perfect setting. Parked the rv in a grassy area next to the vines. And the owners were super nice. The land has been in their family for at least a 150 years.

We had something to eat at the vineyard and when the wine tasting closed we were the only ones on the property. Not another camper in sight. Just quietness, lots of bird and a setting sun. Absolutely perfect. One might think you were in France. Yet we were in North Carolina. Did I say I loved it yet? 🙂

We left around noon to our next stop Stone Mountain State park. Did a lot of walking there. Found some wildflowers along the trails, explored some creeks and enjoyed the very nice weather. Another great State Park campground.

Harvest Host Sanders Ridge, North Carolina.

Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina, Site 49

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