Change of plans

So we had reservations to go to Stone Mountain State park in NC. Yet the weather forecast changed a few days before heading out. Rain, a big drop in temps and even a change of snow in the town we would stay. So we decided to cancel the reservation. Was bummed that happened. Had been looking forward to going to this campground.

And in our area the weather was supposed to be pretty nice as from Saturday. This Spring we had so many weekends with rain that I thought that it was another lost weekend out and about.

But a true explorer never gives up 🙂 Go where the weather is nice then! So after a search through all campsites at Jordan lake State park we saw a very nice spot that had opened up right near the lake. You don’t always have to go far right? So we headed out early on Saturday morning.

The girl that checked us in at the gate of the campground asked us if anyone had called us. Uh no? Should they? Yes she said, the site of your reservation has flooded.

Oh no…. I felt that another cancellation was about to happen. But she said there are some Walk-up sites still available at higher elevations and you’re free to see if there is a site available you like. So we drove on to the other part of the Poplar Campground at Jordan Lake. And luckily we found a very pretty site next to a super nice little pond. Pfew…. that was a close call again. That was truly lucky!

The weather stayed nice after that and we did a lot of walking after we set up. The park looked so different with so much water everywhere. Fresh lush greens and little flowers along the roads. The Blue Heron from the slide show above was at our earlier reservation. Good for him! Nice and quiet now.

Loved these two boys. Never give up on a great new found fishing spot. Right a cross from what used to be a road as the trash cans were the give away. They were having fun still.

But, the best was sunset that night. We walked to the boat ramps. Which were also flooded. Not good for the boaters, but it sure made for a nice & super quiet lake. Tranquil almost. Some trees were half way in the water and their reflection was so pretty.

How things can change. Was sad first that our plans had changed, but was so glad the weather didn’t stop us from exploring other more familiar grounds. It was unexpected surprisingly beautiful.

Campground: Jordan Lake State park, Loop E site 18

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