Little Spring Sunshine

It has been over familiar roads but I just love the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Bodie Island Lighthouse always feels like coming home. During our first visit in 2001 to NC, Bodie was the one that stole my heart. It became my beacon for North Carolina. Where as Hatteras should be. As that is the more famous lighthouse of North Carolina. But it’s Bodie for me.

Bodie Island.

I love the little house next to it and the pine trees. Although a lot of those trees have gone away over the years. The lighthouse was open this time and I took a peek inside. They were sweeping the stairs. Who knew light houses need to have their 219 steps swept. That’s quite the job I would think.

I love the little house next to it and the pine trees. Although a lot of those trees have gone away over the years.

Inside picture of the stairs at Bodie Lighthouse.

We also visited Oregon Inlet again. The campground right there was still closed for the season but had a stop at the little harbor and soaked up some sun while there. It was the first warmer day and it was the perfect kind of weather. And just watched the boats go in and out.

As the Oregon Inlet campground was closed we now stayed through a Harvest Host Golf site. Where you can park your RV on their parking lot. And have to say this one was pretty neat. Right on the sound side. We arrived as the sun was going down and the next morning we saw the sun rise from the golf course. Perfect settings. A new favorite for me for sure.

Best view in a while for a camp site.

We walked quite a bit this weekend. First at the golf course, then at Oregon Inlet and then at the Wright Brothers memorial. The first in flight spot. Can’t get any more NC than that. I like walking up that huge hill at that site and enjoy the view. To think somebody came up with an idea of making a flying machine at that very same grounds, is special. It sure had been a windy weekend, and I kept thinking this must be why the Wright Brothers picked this spot to try their machine. With the wind gusting around me on top of that hill I so understood.

The next day we camped at the OBX Campground and enjoyed the sunset from the camp site. Our site was close to a beautiful dreamy old Living Oak tree. And it looked stunning in the setting sunlight. It had been a good few days away exploring familiar grounds.

Campgrounds: Harvest Host Golf course Nags Head Village Links

OBX Campground in Kill Devil Hills, Site 7

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