On the road, at least for a bit.

It wasn’t planned way ahead of time. But the weather was looking great. So we made a reservation for Poplar Point campground at Jordan Lake. It was going to be the first time I would drive all alone and get to the campground myself. Ron would then meet up with me straight from work. So exciting! As I never have driven such a big RV to a campground. Was a co-pilot many times, but seeing it and doing it are two very different things. Visions of tight spots went through my mind. But all went well. I got it to the campground safe and hooked the whole thing up on water and electric. Got the chairs out and the camping table set. So all would be ready when Ron arrived from work. The State Park Campground gods were with me as the reserved site turned out to be a pull through kinda sorta. It was in a curve with trees on the side. But totally made it in safe. Yay for the campground gods!

The site was big and with a view on Jordan lake, not bad at all. The trees in front of it however were still under water as there had been a lot of rain these last few months. I do like the view of that, but can imagine it must not be a good thing for the trees as their roots might be having a hard time in the water. There was a bunch of firewood right at our site and was hoping for a nice campfire weekend.

What could go wrong? Well, unfortunately, Ron my husband, wasn’t feeling all that well before we left. A severe cold was trying to get a hold of him. Yet he said, I can be sick at home or in the RV. So he choose the latter. But in the middle of the first camp night that decision did feel like the wrong one. So we decided to leave that morning, so he could get better at home. There will be next trips coming so we packed up around 9.

I did drive the RV back home again so did do the whole trip on the road. From home and back. And loved it! My co-pilot did as well 🙂

The big front window gives such a great view and I feel like the whole world lies in front of me. All to be explored. So…. to be continued!

Campground: Poplar Point Jordan Lake, Apex, North Carolina. Site 32 in Loop G

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